3 Types Of Security Systems You Can Install In Your Home

If you are thinking about installing a security system in your home, you need to know what type of security system you want to install. There are monitored systems, unmonitored systems, and wireless alarm systems.

#1 Monitored Alarm Systems

A monitored alarm system is the type of alarm most people think of when they think of an alarm system. With a monitored alarm system, when your alarm goes off, it triggers an alert to a call center. If you don't put your code in or respond to a phone call with your secret word or password when the security monitoring company calls you, they will call the police. This type of alarm system ensures that the police are notified if your alarm ever goes out.

These type of alarm systems are connected directly to the telephone line in your home. The disadvantage to this is if the lines to your outdoor phone line is cut, then the monitoring center cannot be contacted. Another disadvantage of this type of alarm system is there is usually a bit of a delay between the alarm going off and the police actually showing up, giving a determined burglar time to steal items from your home. However, the sound of the alarm itself should scare off most potential thieves.

#2 Unmonitored System

An unmonitored system is not connected to a monitoring station. With an unmonitored alarm, a very loud siren will go off if someone breaks into your home. However, a monitoring center will not be notified. Instead, you are going to have to depend on your neighbors or someone else to call the police. You are also counting on the thief to be scared off by the sound of the alarm.

With an unmonitored system, you can make the impact of the alarm felt even more by attached it to a flashing light system. So when someone trips the alarm, not only will a deafening noise be released, bright lights and sirens will start flashing as well. This type of system works best if you live in a proactive neighborhood where everyone watches out for each other.

#3 Wireless Alarm System

There are also wireless alarm systems. With a wireless alarm system, you don't have to be hardwired into the electrical system in your home. You can set the alarm up wherever you want, without having to worry about connecting to the phone line or electrical supply. With a wireless alarm system, you will have to stay on top of replacing the batteries on your own. However, you can just set up a schedule and a reminder system in your phone to ensure that your alarm is always triggered.

With a wireless alarm system, you can have alerts sent directly to your phone when your alarm goes off. That way, you can decide if you want to call the police yourself.

When it comes to keeping your home secure, there are lots of options. They key is figuring out how you want the system connected to your home, and how you want the police notified when someone breaks into your home. Contact a service, like SVSI, for more help.

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