5 Things You Can Do To Prepare Your Gates For Winter Weather

Winter temperatures and precipitation can cause considerable damage to equipment on your company grounds. Before the harshest winter weather arrives, you should put some thought into seasonal maintenance for your security gate that will prevent winter hazards from causing damage that compromises your facility's security. 

The following are five things you can do to fortify your gate for winter so that it continues to provide a strong security barrier year-round. 

Pressure washing

Pressure washing your gate before freezing temperatures arrive removes built-up mold and grass that can cause eye sores.

If debris is left on your gate, it can cause unsightly stains to develop over time that will be impossible to remove. Washing your fence can also prevent the development of rust on metal parts that could compromise the structural strength of your gate. 

Remove equipment from the area around the gate posts

It's important to fit in a bit of housekeeping before the winter storms arrive. If you've got equipment and debris gathered around your gate area, you should remove it to prevent moisture from building up around fence parts that could be leave them prone to developing rot and mold.

Trim back vegetation

When trees and bushes become covered with show, their branches could fall off and strike parts of your security gate. These falling branches could potentially damage your fence.

Trimming back vegetation will also keep your grounds looking more organized and well-kept. 

Put sealant on wooden components

If there are wooden components on your security gate, it's a good idea to put a coat of sealant on them before the snow and sleet come. 

If moisture soaks in to your gate and freezes, it can cause freeze-thaw damage in gate components. This type of damage could compromise the structural integrity of your gate over time.

Use oil-based sealant for the best results. Also, remember to wash off your gate before applying sealant so that debris does not become dried on to gate components. 

Place markers to indicate where snow should be piled

Letting snow pile up around the base of your security gate is not a good idea. Gate posts could become warped if snow piles cause them to shift or bend over time. 

You can prevent snow piles along your gate if you put markers down that indicate a certain distance from your gate where snow piles will ideally be placed. 

When the snow piles up, it can sometimes get so high that it completely buries your gate. Markers will indicate where your fence is and prevent a plow from running into and damaging your gate while clearing snow away. Contact a company like CCTV Sentech Controls for more information on security gates.

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