Use These Great Tips To Get The Most From Home Security Cameras

Surveillance cameras can enhance any security system. If you use security cameras, they can serve as deterrents to crime. They also can record crimes and ultimately make solving the crimes easier for law enforcement. Use the guide below to get the most from your surveillance cameras.

Keep Some Cameras Hidden

Some intruders are very determined. They won't let security cameras stop them. Surveillance cameras that are clearly visible can sometimes be disabled. For example, an intruder can spray black paint over the lens of a camera. A blunt object can also be used to smash a camera.

Stay a step ahead by using some cameras that are hidden from sight. These cameras will still be functioning if and when the visible cameras aren't working properly. If the intruders are wearing masks and think all the cameras have been disabled, they might remove their masks, making them easy to identify.

Hidden cameras can be made to look like lights, fire alarms, and can even be placed in stuffed animals. You can place cameras in decorations you have in your yard, just make sure the cameras have good viewing angles.

Add Motion Detectors

Understand that your cameras don't have to be operating all the time. They can be set to activate only when motion is detected. Adding lights to the system will give you even more security. Once the motion detector is tripped, both the lights and cameras will start working.

Use Mobile Technology With Your Motion Detectors

Get a security app that works with motion detectors and cameras. As long as you have a data connection, you can be at any location in the world and be alerted to the presence of an intruder. The app will send you an alert letting you know that your cameras have been activated.

You can use your mobile device to see what the cameras are recording. It's good to be able to see what is going on. By doing so, you won't alert authorities to false alarms. If a stray dog tripped your motion detector, there's obviously no reason to contact the police.

Use Infrared Cameras

These cameras will work even in the darkest environment. If there is a power outage, your battery-powered security camera with infrared technology will still be able to record images and let you know if any intruders are around. Infrared cameras are also good to have around during blackouts caused by bad weather.

Make use of the above guidelines to help your security cameras do a better job of securing your home. If you're interested in getting more out of your security system, Triton Security has the solution for you.

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Surveillance cameras can enhance any security system. If you use security cameras, they can serve as deterrents to crime. They also can record crimes